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The Blue Sheet provides a complete listing of all scheduled Trustee Sales including:
Sale location and time
Property description
Trustee and Beneficiary
Estimated cost
All open loans on the property and which loan is in default

We publish new Trustee Sales that are recorded during the current week, all Trustee Sales that are scheduled for the following calendar week, all postponed sales and completed sales. The postponements are organized to show the new sales date, this allows our subscribers to follow a particular property from the time the Trustee Sale is recorded until its completion. The completed sales section shows whether the property was sold, the loan reinstated or the sale canceled for another reason.


In 1987 Norville Carter came across an idea for a business from a family friend. With no prior real estate experience Norville took the challenge head on, working many nights until midnight. During those early years each Thursday, she would mail out about 30 blue unstapled sheets, printed on both sides. That is using Postal mail not email!

Sadly Norville died of cancer in 2003. Many long time customers still remember her vibrant personality and zest for life.

The Blue Sheet is now run by Norville’s husband, Dan Carter. Dan has greatly improved upon the foundation of the company. One major improvement, the information is now emailed saving customers valuable time to do a little research on their own before placing a bid at the sale. Recently Norville and Dan’s daughter, Shannon has joined the business with the aspiration of keeping the business alive to pass along to a future generation.

The Blue Sheet takes pride in providing reliable foreclosure information and also keeping Norville’s legacy alive.


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